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Trophy "Torretes" of Photography

9,5 Cinema

Trophy "Torretes" of Short films

April 6th until 28th, 2019: Exhibitions, workshops, International Trophy "Torretes", projections,... Lots of activities on photography and films. Check it out!


the images
in Calella

Trailer Festimatge 2018
Director: Marçal Mora - Actor: Vicenç Folgado - Musica: QMBA - Realització: Josep Maria Colomer, Marçal Mora, Pere Mas, Quim Botey

When in 1825 Joseph Nicéphore Niépce invented photography, little could he imagine how his invention would live on the "Instagram generation". Between the times when getting a photograph involved a complex process, and the days when we transmitted our life capturing images with a device that fits in your pocket, thousands of geniuses have turned the art of the image - static or moving - into its passion.

Of these geniuses we found a good group in Calella. Grouped around Foto-Film Calella, they have helped to ensure that the city has become a space in the audiovisual field, promoting events such as the Festimatge, which has allowed the name of Calella borders to be taken there.

True to its annual appointment, the Festival of the Image of Calella re-ignites engines to give shape to an extensive program which highlights the mythical Trofeu Torretes of short films and photography.

From the 7th to the 29th of April, if you let yourself be seen by any of the stages where this Festival will take place, you can be sure that you will learn something new about the world of the image.

Welcome to the 2018 Festimatge.

Montserrat Candini, Mayor of Calella

More than two thousand artists have sent us their works related to the Image, either in photography or cinema. With this small compendium, which you now have in your hands, of everything that will be the FESTIMAGE of this year, in some way, we make reality and make visible the work and efforts of all of them.

With the Festival of the Image of Calella, we combine more than 70 countries, countries from which artists who want their works, made in different formats of the image, to be seen at FESTIMATGE.

Calella welcomes, for a month, all these artists. Some physically come to share the magic of the moment; others, most, do it represented by their creations. Calella, with its Image Festival, promoted by Foto-Film Calella, makes it possible for a large number of people of diverse cultural tendencies and opinions to enjoy a diverse cultural offer centered on the Image.

From Foto-Film Calella we have been working so that what we offer you, in this new edition, is your satisfaction. And we would like to have you so that during this month, encourage everyone to visit the exhibitions, participate in the workshops and attend the different projections. We want these more than two thousand artists, which have been the spark to launch this edition, feel your energy and that of everyone who sees their works.

We want the FESTIMAGE to be a wave that, from Calella, goes around the world, showing the art of the image in all its aspects.

This year, the FESTIMAGE is more yours than ever! Welcome to FESTIMATGE 2018!

Xavier Rigola, President of Foto-Film Calella

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