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Photo exhibitions

Trophy "Torretes" of Photography

9,5 Cinema

Trophy "Torretes" of Short films

April 7th until 29th, 2018: Exhibitions, workshops, International Trophy "Torretes", projections,... Lots of activities on photography and films. Check it out!


the images
in Calella

Trailer Festimatge 2018
Autor: Marçal Mora / Música: QMBA

WELCOME. With this little compendium of all that will be the FESTIMATGE of this year and that you now have in your hands, we somehow realize the works and efforts of more than two thousand people who have sent us their works related to the Image. We bring together more than 70 countries that are the origins of the artists that want their works to be seen in the FESTIMATGE and that we now present to you in different formats.

Calella physically and for a month welcomes these artists represented by their creations and at the same time allows people of diverse cultural tendencies and opinions to enjoy in very little space a varied cultural offer focused on the Image. Achieving this is what Calella Photo-Film intends and that is why we have been working so that what we show you in this edition is of your satisfaction.

During this month we would like you to encourage everyone to visit the exhibitions, participate in the workshops and attend the different projections, so that these more than two thousand people who have been the spark of this edition felt your support and that of everything the world that sees his works. That the FESTIMATGE is how a wave that goes from Calella to everywhere depends on you, encourage you.

Welcome to your FESTIMATGE

Xavier Rigola, President of Foto-Film Calella

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