Brief history of the contest

The Torretes Trophy was created in 1975 and initially it was a photo contest of local scope. Over the years, it became statewide and finally, in 2006, in addition to becoming part of the events of the Festimatge – Calella Image Festival, it became International.

The essential characteristic during most of the years of life of the “Torretes” was that it was necessary to participate not with individual photographic works but with collections of 3 photographs, thus being a pioneer among the photo contests. With the adaptation of the contest to the FIAP standards, the collections were left aside to start competing in categories (color monochrome, free monochrome, sea theme, …) and in digital format, notably enriching the participation of authors from all over the world. world.

44 Trophy “Torretes” of Photography: Regulations (2020)

Regulations (PDF):

This international competition is open to amateurs and professionals around the world, has the support of the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique(FIAP), Confederación Española de Fotografía (CEF), Global Photographic Society of America (GPU), Image Sans Frontieres (ISf), and Federació Catalana de Fotografia (FCF), it is governed by its regulations and will count towards the obtention of their honorific titles.

FIAP: 2020/039 – CEF: I-2020-05 – PSA: 2020-047 – GPU: L200016 – ISF: 6/2020 – FCF: 2020-08

Digital archives.

A – Monochrome pictures, free theme. (FIAP and PSA definintion)
B – Color, free theme.
C – Color, the sea with all its aspects. Landscape, work, portrait, diving …,
Scoreable exclusively for the obtaining of FCF and CEF titles:
D – COLOR: Popular festivals and Catalan traditions (dances, giants, castellers, folklore in general).

A high quality printed catalogue with all the prizes will be done for each participant.

Number of photos:
Sections A, B, C:Entries are limited to not more than 4 images per section, not awarded in previous editions of the Trophy Torretes.
Section D:Maximum 5 images, not awarded in previous editions of the Trophy Torretes.

Opening admission December 1st, 2019.
Admission Deadline February 24th. 2020.
Jury Verdict March 7th and 8th 2020.
Sending notifications March 20th, 2020.
Exhibition From 5th until 26th April 2020.
Award ceremony April 26th, 2020.
Sending of the Catalog May 2020.

Only via Internet. The inscription, sending images and the payment of admission fees will be made online from the website: www., following the instructions provided by the system.
Maximum image size 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically, in 300 dpi. Each image must be in JPEG format and not exceed 2.00 Mb.

Works submission >>>

Per author: 30 €, regardless of the number of sections in which you participate.
Groups of 10 or more participants: 25 € per participant.
The payment will be made through PayPal from the registration form.
The works of the authors who do not pay the registration fees before the due date of reception will not be judged.

Honor Award “Trofeu Torretes” (exclusive design), 1000 €, and a 6 day stay, full board for 2 people for the participant in sections A, B, C, which the jury considers to be the best author.

FIAP Special Badge for the author that with the sum of acceptances of sections A, B and C has scored the highest score.

Awards for single pictures:
For each of sections A, B, and C
FIAP Gold medal
CEF Gold medal 3 GPU Honor Mentions
PSA Gold medal
FCF Gold medal 3 ISF Diplomas
GPU Gold medal
3 FIAP Honor Mentions 3 CEF Diplomas
ISF Gold medal
3 PSA Honor Mentions

Medals Foto-Film Calella for the most creative photographs of sections A, B and C.
FFC Gold medal
FFC Silver medal
FFC Bronze medal


Sr. Raimon Moreno – MFCF – JBFCF – ACEF – EFIAP – ES.FIAP
Sr. Victor Murillo – MFCF – MCEF
Sra. Mar Biosca – AFLF
Sr. Santos Moreno – MFLF*** – MCEF/O – EFIAP
Sra. Laura Prego – MFCF – JBFCF – ACEF – AFIAP
Sr. José A. Andrés – MFCF1* – ECEF – Hon.FCF – JOFCF – EFIAP – ESFIAP – RISF3
COLOR, The sea with all its aspects
Sr. Fernando Moran – JOFCF – AFCF
Sr. Josep Lois – MFCF2* – ECEF – AFIAP
Sr. Jaume Badía – MFIAP – ES.FIAP

A) Monochrome:
“A work in black and white, going from light gray (white) to very dark gray (black), is a monochrome work with different shades of gray. A black and white work turned completely in a single color will be considered a monochrome work, (black and white), which is modified by a partial turn or with the addition of a color, becomes a work in color (polychrome), and must be included in the color category.

The sending of the catalogue will be done by ordinary mail to the address provided by the participants at the entry form. Foto-Film Calella is not responsible for deliveries catalogue or medals have not been delivered in a timely manner due to local postal requirements.

PSAretainstherighttoinvestigateinanywayallcomplains/suspicionsofbreachesofentryconditions,imposesanctionsdifdeemednecessary,voidtheacceptancesofanyimagefoundtoviolatethePSArules,includetheentrant`s name on the list of sanctions provided to exhibitions, and share such investigations with FIAP.

Participants are fully responsible for there are no rights of third parties in the works presented, as well as any possible claim for royalties. The author gives permission to the organization to reproduce his/her works for the edition of the catalogue.

Sending notifications-Reporting of the results will be made by e-mail.

The gallery of the participating works will be available in the website:,

The participation in this competition implies acceptance of these rules. DATA PROTECTION:
Byenteringthisexhibition,youareexplicitlyconsentingtothepersonaldetailsyouhavesupplied,includingemailaddresses,beingheld,processedandusedbytheexhibitionorganizersforpurposesassociatedwiththisexhibition.Youalsoexplicitlyconsenttosuchinformationbeingsenttoorganizationsthathaveaccordedofficialrecognition,patronageoraccreditationtothisexhibition.Youacknowledgeandacceptthat entering this exhibition means that the status and results of your entry may be public.

Chairman of the Salon: Mr. Joaquim Sitjà
Salon is organized by Foto-Film Calella (Calella, Spain)
Foto-Film Calella
P.O. Box 35
08370 Calella (Barcelona) SPAIN