Honor Award of the Trophy “Torretes” of Photography

Trophy “Torretes” of Photography

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Gratefully. This could be the premise that could bring together all the acts of this FESTIMATGE 2022, which I am pleased to present to you.

In this catalog of events that you have in your hands, all the work of the group of Foto-Film partners that has been working to offer you the activities that will take place in Calella, during this month of April, and that we hope that you like them

This year, we celebrate the centenary of 9.5mm cinema, the format that made filmmaking available to everyone. Screenings and conferences will try to bring this format, already dean, closer to younger people who may not know it in depth.

With our Torretes Photography Trophy, we continue to present a sample of the best and best of the photographs that exist in the world today. Little by little, the pandemic is being left behind and new authors give us their trust.

We have also programmed photographic exhibitions of nationally and internationally recognized authors, with all kinds of styles and proposals. They will be open, free of charge, to the public who wants to enjoy in a single space the current bets in the field of photography.

The screenings of some of the shorts presented at the Torretes de Cortometrajes Trophy are another of the proposals where lovers of this format will be able to enjoy throughout this month that FESTIMATGE 2022 lasts.

Other workshops and activities have been scheduled so that, throughout this month, you can enjoy a Calella full of IMAGE.


Mr. Xavier Rigola, President of Foto-Film Calella

There are those who write the story in their own handwriting, and those who capture it with the blow of the diaphragm, immortalizing moments with a small gesture that has become the passion of the people at Foto-Film Calella, a passion that years ago was the embryo of the Calella Image Festival, “Festimatge”, unique in the entire State, and which has become a benchmark for the 9.5mm film format which, this year, celebrates its centenary.

Taking a look at the program of planned activities shows us the level reached by the Festimatge which, in its usual offer made up of round tables, workshops, seminars, screenings, contests and a collector’s market, this year brings to Calella the work of the photographer Japanese Masao Yamamoto who, after passing through galleries and museums in the United States, Europe, Japan, Russia and Brazil, arrives in Calella, placing the city on the international audiovisual map.

This edition will also serve to dedicate a special memory to those who have left us, such as Josep Maria Forn, member of the Festimatge Honor Committee, and the historian Encarnació Soler, coordinator of the 9.5mm Film Festival.

This year, the Festimatge will not be able to count on one of its emblematic spaces, such as the Sala Mozart, which is under construction, but this will allow us to discover the possibilities of an exceptional space such as the new Can Saleta auditorium.

Congratulations to the people of Foto-Film Calella for this new edition of the “Festimatge”. Enjoy it in wide angle!

Mr. Marc Buch i Rigola, Accidental Mayor of Calella

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