Trophy “Torretes” of Photography

Once again the International Trophy “Torretes” of Photography is being held.

Works submission

Trailer Festimatge 2019
Director: Marçal Mora – Actor: Vicenç Folgado – Realització: J M Colomer, Marçal Mora, Pere Mas.


We are preparing a new edition of the FESTIMATGE. For the members of Foto-Film Calella. who work all year to present to you every April a new edition of this ours, your FESTIMATGE, the edition number is not important, because we always work as if it were the first, with hope and that tickle point in the stomach of when you have to do a job well done and with rigor.

We put at your disposal a range of photographic exhibitions that collect part of the breathing of the photographic artists of the moment, with different themes, techniques and visions of the fixed image coming from around the world. The Photography Tower is a prime example.

You will also see the latest trends using the moving image of young people and also not-so-young directors of short films, in the projections of works coming from all over for the Torretes de Cortos Trophy, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Not forgetting the melancholy of the contribution of works in 9.5 format that also have a space in our FESTIMATGE.

We wait for you all this April in Calella, the city of the image.

Best regards and, returning to the top of this paper, WELCOME to FESTIMATGE.

Mr. Xavier Rigola, President of Foto-Film Calella

Live the images in Calella

The ease with which information technologies allow us to capture a moment with a device that fits in our pocket and share it, instantly, with anyone anywhere in the world can often make us treat the image with some frivolity . But, fortunately, these advances have not prevented many people from wanting to continue demonstrating that, when passion and appreciation for a job well done, an image can become a work of art. 

Fourteen years ago, a group of lovers of the image “insisted” to turn Calella into a showcase of the image expressed through photography, short films and the mythical cinema format 9.5. And that’s how the Festival of Image was born, Festimatge, recognized internationally, and that makes the city a reference for lovers of cinema and photography, attracted by its different exhibitions and, especially, by the Trophies Torretes of photography and short films . 

In April, Calella hosts a new edition of the Festimatge, a Festival that advances with a firm step and with an eye towards the future that guarantees the tenacity and good work of the people of Foto-Film Calella.

Thank you for your commitment and many successes in this new edition of the Festimatge.

Mrs. Montserrat Candini, Mayor of Calella

Short films projections, local authors gala, Trophy “Torretes” of short films


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