Dear followers of the FESTIMATGE,

Last March, we were writing to you to inform you of the postponement of the festival, so that the health situation asked us to do so. Now, I am very sorry to have to announce the definitive cancellation of the 15th FESTIMATGE.

An event of this magnitude requires the work of many people to carry it out and to adapt the different spaces for its celebration. The objective is that the maximum number of people enjoy their acts and, with the current circumstances, not only the control of the capacity, but also the willingness of citizens to participate in cultural events, has made us doubt the suitability of carrying out this year’s edition and has led us to make the tough decision to cancel the FESTIMATGE 2020.

With the perspective that this situation can be extended in time and become something daily during the coming months or years, we set out to prepare for the FESTIMATGE 2021, with all the measures and with the awareness that life continues and culture cannot stop.

And, to say goodbye to this unsuccessful FESTIMATGE and pay a small tribute to it, the organization has decided to hold a symbolic act to show the award-winning photographs and the most outstanding award-winning shorts. It will surely take place on Sunday October 18 in the Sala Mozart. We will keep you informed and keep in touch through our networks and website:

Thank you very much for your understanding and support. We meet again at FESTIMATGE 2021!


Xavier Rigola
President of Foto-Film Calella




Photo: Lourdes Gómez Fernández, Honor Award of the Trophy “Torretes” of Photography 2020

Trophy “Torretes” of Photography

Check the results of the Trophy “Torretes” of Photography 2020.

Check the results

Trailer Festimatge 2020
Direcció i realització: Marçal Mora – Actor: Vicenç Folgado – Càmera: Pere Mas – Música: Kevin McLeod – Foto portada: Quim Botey – Producció: Foto-Film Calella.


What you have in your hands is the summary of what the people of FOTO-FILM CALELLA presents in this new edition of the FESTIMATGE, the Festival of Image in Calella.

We have been working to be able to offer you, within the three great sections that form the FESTIMATGE, a whole series of proposed varieties, and some quite daring, that we believe will be to your liking and will allow you to enjoy the image in all its aspects, both Calella people like who visit us throughout the month of April.

As a result of the works received in our Trofeu Torretes of Short Films, you will find views of short films from around the world, of diverse themes, made by new people or by directors and actors already established.

The festival also offers two photography workshops and 24 photographic exhibitions, including that of our Trofeu Torretes de Fotografía, which, touching many subjects, puts a lot of ideas and stories within reach of the visitor, which surely will not leave you indifferent.
For the most nostalgic, in the section of the 9.5mm format we also have many activities that bring together people from many countries.

And wrapping up the FESTIMATGE we celebrate the 130th Anniversary of the birth of Charles Chaplin, a great genius of the image in every way.

We wait for you!


Mr. Xavier Rigola, President of Foto-Film Calella

Live the images in Calella

Over the last decades, various activities arising from the private initiative have been consolidating Calella’s position in the Catalan audiovisual map, an activity that justified the promotion of the “Calella Film Office”, aimed at addressing any initiative aimed at converting The city on a set.

The origins of this long local audiovisual tradition are found in the constant and disinterested work of a good group of fellow citizens gathered around Foto-Film Calella who, fleeing from conformism, have invested time, efforts and dedication to create, maintain and grow an international festival.

Throughout the month of April, Calella will be the capital of the image thanks to the 15 Festival of the Image of Calella, “Festimatge” willing, as never before, to delight movie lovers in its purest form, focusing much of the acts of this edition around the 130th anniversary of the birth of Charles Chaplin, the undisputed icon of a silent film that, even today, leaves us speechless.

Thank you very much, one more year, for your commitment!

Mrs. Montserrat Candini, Mayor of Calella

Short films projections, local authors gala, Trophy “Torretes” of short films


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