9,5mm Cinema

International Meeting of 9,5 Cinema enthusiasts

Once a year it takes place the International Meeting of 9,5 Cinema enthusiasts. Filmmakers and fans of the 9.5mm film format have their meeting point annual, which has been held for fourteen years within the framework of the Festimatge. The cinematographic format dean of amateur cinema has the opportunity to publicize its value as a historical document and as a means of creation of new productions.

Keeping the illusion alive, from the Festimatge, we look to the future and we are preparing to celebrate the centenary of the 9.5mm format in 2022.

The Collectors’ Market: The annual meeting with collections

Collectors have their annual appointment at the Collector’s Market in Calella. Machines, films, posters, books and articles related to the cinema of this format, will be exhibited so that whoever wants it can acquire an object for their collection, or find the piece that is missing or that has to be renewed in that device as old as Dear. And most importantly, this market becomes the place of friendly meeting for all collectors, sellers and curious.

Recovered cinema: vintage 9,5mm cinema projections


Charles Pathé, who had set out to bring home cinema, created in 1922 a type of new format film – 9.5 mm – economical and profitable, which was projected with a device of such simplicity that it could be put on reach of all: the famous Pathé Baby. Dragged by hand, it stopped during the reading of the titles, extending the duration of the screening.

Once the device was available, films had to be provided, which meant an important business of printing copies in 9.5 mm, for home use, of the films shot in 35 mm that were seen in the cinemas. Normally, they were short films, but there were also full-length films that were composed of several reels. The favorite subjects without a doubt were the comics. The American slapstick occupied a very important part of sales. Also the adventure films, divided into ‘parts’, liked the users. All this cinema, made the delight of many fans and was an entertainment for families who had it in their own home.

Today, we will see these films that are still having fun, with original format projection and accompaniment to the piano by Sergi Sirvent.


Film session dedicated to the screening of films contributed by filmmakers participating in the Non-competitive Show, shot in 9.5mm format and projected with original devices. The producers of the countries that accompany us will give us the opportunity to enjoy their new achievements.