49th Internacional meeting of 9,5mm Cinema (2022)

Voting for the Audience Award of the 2022 9.5mm format film competition:

(Voting will open on Saturday, April 23, 2022 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.)

This year, the Centenary of 9.5mm Cinema is celebrated and, from the 9.5mm Cinema section of Foto-Film Calella, we wanted to celebrate it by making a slightly special 49th International Film Meeting.

First, let’s take a look at history. In 1922, Charles Pathé created a type of film in a new format, 9.5 mm, cheap and profitable, which was projected with a device so simple that it could be made available to everyone: the famous Pathé Baby. Pulled by hand, it stopped during the reading of the titles, prolonging the duration of the projection. Once the device was available, it was necessary to obtain films for home use, which led to a significant business in the circulation of 9.5 mm copies of films shot on 35 mm that were seen in theaters.

We will remember this first cinema in a Silent Film Projection Gala with live piano accompaniment. And we will delve into the history of cinema with a conference on its origins, thanks to the collaboration with the Calella University Extension Classroom. We will have the Collector’s Market and the Film Festival in 9.5mm format. And we will celebrate the 2nd Online Meeting of 9.5 mm Cinema, which the pandemic promoted last year and whose success made it clear that it had come to stay.

This celebration, however, has a dark part, since we have a great absence, that of the historian Encarnació Soler, Collaborator of the 9.5mm Film Contest since its inception and Coordinator in recent years. She was president and member of the founding team of Cinema-Rescat, a non-profit organization that had the objective of searching for and recovering cinematographic heritage. This year’s meeting will pay her a tribute and farewell ceremony to remember her work and her passion for cinema.

It is worth highlighting and thanking the essential role that Lluís Argelich plays, increasingly, in the organization of the 9.5mm Meeting in Calella. His links with 9.5mm film associations throughout Europe, his knowledge of 9.5mm film devices and his predisposition to search for and screen films in original format make the link with the entity ever closer.


CONFERENCE: “The origins of Hollywood. In search of the American dream”

CAN SALETA (c/Sant Jaume, 225-229)
19.00 h

Talk given by Albert Beorlegui with the collaboration of the aula d’extensió universitària..

It will tell us the story of how the mecca of cinema was created by a small group of European and Jewish immigrants in search of the American dream.

Silent Film Projection Gala with live piano accompaniment

CAN SALETA (c/Sant Jaume, 225-229)
21.00 h

We celebrate this centenary of amateur cinema with the projection in original 9.5mm format of a selection of films of the time. Films that served as a source of inspiration for many enthusiasts of photography and the newly born cinema, who were able to have the 9.5mm format at their fingertips to create their own films and watch the ones they bought; since many of the commercial productions of the time made copies in 9.5mm format, so that people would have them at home. The session will be presented by the filmmaker Josep Lluís Viscarri, who will place the films in the historical context in which they were made. And they will be screened with piano accompaniment by maestro Paul Perera.

The selection of titles include:
• A visit to the Pathé Factory (1922)
• Papillon Machaon (1922)
• Charlot Policeman (1917)
• Flying Scotsman (1929)
• Un día vendrá (1922)

Cinema collectors market

Saturday, april 23rd from 10:00h to 13:30h


The 49th International Meeting of 9.5mm Cinema also has its exponent in the Film Collector’s Market, a fair of old material that allows direct contact with fans and collectors. It is very well received by collectors, especially since a few years ago the Collectors’ Association promoted our market. Machines, films, posters, books and articles related to the cinema of old formats are exposed so that whoever wants can acquire an object to enlarge their collection, or find the piece that is missing or that needs to be renewed in that device as old as it is loved.

Within this year’s market, two additional activities are planned:

o From 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. – Introductory workshop to 9.5mm Cinema by Ramon Gassó.
Presentation of the format and its main characteristics. Brief history and reasons that support its survival. The 9.5mm format today.
The material of 9.5 mm. How to use the projector and camera. Practice by the attendees on how to correctly load a camera.
Assembly and projection. (Theory and practice)
Taking pictures outside to be later developed. They will be screened at the next festival in Calella in 2023.

o From 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. – Presentation of an optics that allows digitizing all film formats using a projector and a digital camera, with 4K quality. This Telecination device has been created by Joan Aguado, from COPIFILMS&DIP.

2nd Online Meeting on Cinema 9,5 mm

Saturday 23rd April at 17:30h

AUDITORI CAN SALETA (Carrer de Sant Jaume, 229)

The pandemic situation in which we found ourselves in 2021 prompted the launch of the 1st Online Meeting of 9.5mm Cinema, which was a complete success. Apart from avoiding having to suspend the International 9.5mm Film Meeting for the second consecutive year and allowing people who had never done so to participate, the format of the Online Meeting received very good reviews. That is why, this year, despite having the usual face-to-face event of the International 9.5mm Film Meeting, a hybrid event will also be held, also offering the 2nd Online 9.5mm Film Meeting, thus opening the celebration to the entire world through technology.

There will be a sample of works presented by amateur filmmakers who still shoot in 9.5mm. And the Audience Voting Prize, which was awarded a few years ago and will recognize the best film of the Festival, is recovered.

Tribute to Encarnació Soler

Saturday, april 23rd at 19:00h

AUDITORI CAN SALETA (Carrer de Sant Jaume, 229)

This year’s Meeting includes, how could it be otherwise, a farewell ceremony and tribute to Encarnació Soler, who has left a great void in the Foto-Film 9.5mm Section and in the Festimatge, in general, since it has been part of the soul of the preparation of this festival since its inception.

Doctor in Art History and member of the Acadèmia del Cinema Català, her career was recognized with the National Cinematography Award from the Department of Culture of the Generalitat and with the Gold Medal from the International Union of Amateur Cinema. She was the president of Cinema-Rescat, a non-profit entity that had the objective of searching for and recovering cinematographic heritage, material that we have widely enjoyed at the Festimatge, during all these years, thanks to her.

The event will feature the collaboration of representatives of the Filmoteca de Catalunya archive and former members of the now-defunct Cinema-Rescat.