48th Internacional meeting of 9,5mm Cinema (2021)


May 1st 2021, 17.00h


In a year marked by a global pandemic, the 9.5mm International Film Encounter, which has been held in Calella for 48 years and has only had to be canceled once, in 2020, due to Covid19, has been seen forced to reinvent himself in order to move on. And, this year, about to celebrate the centenary of 9.5 mm and the half century of the Calella Encounter, the FESTIMATGE organizes the 1st Online Encounter of 9.5 mm Cinema.


We are launching the centenary of a decade that was decisive for the format that became fashionable in those years and that is still active today: the 9.5 mm.

In the early 1920s, Pathé Cinema in Paris decided to market shortened and edited versions of professionally made 35mm films, printed in a narrower format than those available at the time. To make it happen and to obtain acceptable quality, the images in 9.5mm format had to be as wide as the film itself and that is how Pathé decided to place the sprocket perforations in the center.

The second decision was to project individual frames and thus reduce the length of film required. The precisely placed notches on the side of the film determined the necessary frames that would stay on the screen long enough to read. Naturally, all of this planning involved designing a new projector to fit the new film.

Parallel to all this, just in those early years of the decade, intensive work was being done on the secret planning of a 9.5mm camera and the provision of a reversible film to accompany it. Experimental processing began in December 1922. While a special camera was being developed, the projection theme became a reality, and just before Christmas 1922, films and the Pathé “Baby” hand-crank projector were released to the retail market. .

2021 program:

SALA MOZART (Carrer Església, 91)
19.00 HORAS



CAST: Carl Miller, Edna Purviance, Jackie Coogan , Charlie Chaplin (the bearing)

PRODUCTION: Charlie Chaplin

SYNOPSIS: A girl, Edna, gives birth to an unwanted child. She decides to leave the baby inside the elegant car of a wealthy family, with a short note in which she asks that they take care of her son. But some criminals steal the car and leave the child abandoned on a corner of a slum. It is there that a homeless man finds him, feels sorry for him, and decides to adopt him. Both survive inventing funny traps, living poorly on the outskirts, but at the same time calm and happy. Edna, who has become a famous and rich actress, often goes to the suburbs to distribute toys to poor children. Edna and the boy are reunited as mother and son, and Chaplin is invited to live with them.

The Kid had its world premiere one hundred years ago, on January 21, 1921 at Carnegie Hall in New York City. A milestone in his art, The Kid was Charles Chaplin’s first feature film as a director and his most ambitious production to date. The film, for its humor and drama, was an instant success.

The Kid is still a ratings hit 100 years later. Not surprisingly, the Honorary Academy Award given to Chaplin in 1972 was for the incalculable effect he had had in making film the art form of the 20th century. In 2011, The Kid was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry of the United States of America by the Library of Congress for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

(Excerpted from Charlie Chaplin’s official website)


17.00 h

About to celebrate the centenary of the birth of 9.5mm film in 2022, and the arrival of Pathé Baby projectors and cameras, as well as the 50th anniversary of the 9.5mm International Meeting in Calella in 2023 , the pandemic situation made it necessary to cancel the meeting for the second consecutive year, due to the sanitary limitations decreed by the Government.

The displacement of the participants who accompany us, annually, at this Encounter and who come from different countries, it was unfeasible at the present time, in which many countries recommend not to travel.

Many of the activities carried out during the International Meeting could not be carried out with the existing health situation. The Collecting Market, where proximity to the exhibited objects and the need to manipulate them are the Market’s own objective, is an example.

But technological advancement and the desire not to miss a festival as emblematic as that of this 9.5 mm format, make it possible to take the oldest projection system that can be enjoyed online, and watch it at home as if it were in the own projection room. Thus, on May 1 the 1st Online Meeting of 9.5 mm Cinema will be held. A mobile camera or webcam will capture the live images of the screen and of the place where the projectionist will put the films contributed by the filmmakers into the machine.