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2019 Edition: 46th Internacional Meeting of 9,5 Cinema

This year, the 46th edition of the 9.5mm International Film Encounter takes place. Filmmakers and fans of the 9.5mm film format have their meeting point annual, which has been held for fourteen years within the framework of the Festimatge. The cinematographic format dean of amateur cinema has the opportunity to publicize its value as a historical document and as a means of creation of new productions.

Keeping the illusion alive, from the Festimatge, we look to the future and we are preparing to celebrate the centenary of the 9.5mm format in 2022.

Saturday, April 27th:
- Morning, from 10:00 to 14:00h Collectors' Market
- Afternoon, 17:00: 9,5 9,5 Cinema projection

Sunday, April 28th:
- Closing of the event

2018 Edition: 45th Internacional Meeting of 9,5 Cinema

This year, we are launching the forty-fifth edition of the International Meeting, a number that attests to the interest of this meeting in which filmmakers and fans of the 9.5mm film format have their annual meeting point - for thirteen years, at the frame of the Festimatge-. The cinematographic format dean of amateur cinema has the opportunity to make known to the public its value as a historical document and as a means of creating new productions.

We will see the documentary film Baix a Mar, made thanks to the recovery of 9.5 mm films that remained forgotten in an old sea house in Torredembarra. At the Film Festival, we will enjoy the new achievements of the European filmmakers who accompany us at the Encounter. For the second year, the students of INS Euclides de Pineda will present their creations using 'orphan' images shot at 9.5 mm, using the found footage technique. I could not miss the cultural outing in this Meeting, in which we try to show our European friends interesting places of our country, being this year the chosen Aquarium of Barcelona.

2017 Edition: 44th Internacional Meeting of 9,5 Cinema

This year is the 44th edition of our 9.5 mm Festival in Calella. Since then, we have had the participation of men and women across Europe, real enthusiasts of this cinema format. As in all long term activities, such as this meeting of ours, we have to adapt to the new times and to provide new approaches to the initial project.

Thus, this year will give way to a 'sample' of films that the participants will bring to the meeting. We have also launched a proposal that we hope will be of interest to everybody (organisers, young students, and for those who simply enjoy a session of 'recovered cinema'): the creation of audiovisual productions through the technique of found- footage, using old images in a new context expression.

To end this brush lines about the event this year, regarding the cultural visit, we found interesting to vitist a set of cinema studios here in Catalunya so the participants will see the wonderful facilities that exist in our country for the production of new cinema, as well as the conservation and restoration of film heritage.

2016 Edition: 43rd Internacional Meeting of 9,5 Cinema

The arrival of the 9.5 format to individuals, was a real 'democratization' of cinema. Charles Pathé, sensing the importance that cinema in modern life, decided to find a format that could be available to everyone. He and his collaborators solved the challenge successfully creating in 1922 a film type new format, 9.5, economically and technically profitable, which followed the invention of a projector in such simplicity that could be handled by all: the famous Pathé Baby. Then in 1924, he invented the camera, allowing filming to everyone's taste, opening the door to a new medium of expression for fans around the world could film his own films at 9.5 mm.

Since that time, many amateur filmmakers chose this format and, despite the emergence of new technologies, still rolling his films with this type of film.

Enthusiasts this format have an annual meeting in Calella, which all come moviegoers around the world are welcome. A few days together in our city, strengthen these ties that unite the passion for film and friendship, as evidenced by the number of contests - Meetings, of which this is the 43rd. edition.

2015 Edition: 42nd Internacional Meeting of 9,5 Cinema

In Calella we are pioneers of 9,5mm cinema meetings.

Once again, we will meet with fans and supporters in this international meeting to which all are invited. This year all activities take place at the Hotel Bernat II, according to the usual schedule.

2014 Edition: 41st Internacional 9,5 Cinema Meeting in Calella and 39th "Festival Europe 2014 of 9,5 Cinema" Meeting

We are glad to announce that in this next edition of the International Meeting, our 41st edition will take place together with the 39th European edition. A great event!

Calella has more than 40 years as the home to the only International Competition in Spain, dedicated to the 9.5 mm film format. Participants from France, England, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Scotland and other European states meet at the Festimatge in Calella, to enjoy a festival made ​​for them: cultural tour, a market for the collector, projection of films submitted in competition and shot in original format 9.5 mm and the closing ceremony with the usual distribution of prizes.

This year has also been Calella and for the fourth time, site chosen to host the "Festival Europe 2014 9.5 format." Congratulations to the veteran amateur format!

2013 Edition: 40th Anniversary of 9,5 Cinema International Meetings in Calella 1974-2013

Forty years ago, Santiago Marré started, assisted by Paul Vilar from the 9.5 Club de France, the International meetings (initially called Event-Meeting) of 9.5 Cinema. This movie format is the oldest sub-standard. But before there was a seed in Calella, also coming from Santiago, which gave its fruit every year: Amateur Film Contests of the old Spring Festival. The location of the "Organización Sindical de Educación y Descanso" was the launch pad.

Calella, Foto Film Calella, chose this phenomenon during the early years it seemed, to see it from afar, a meeting where nostalgic seniors were meeting to "play" with the movie theater as could do little kids today with all kinds of digital devices. But in fact this was no game.

The fact of meeting annually to discuss, make a market, buy and sell equipment, a competition films screened directly in its original format, 9.5, became an important event for all levels. The government made a contribution to keep alive this event was and is unique in the Spanish state.

Ted Smith from England gave them a hand moving to his country all the information about the meetings through their stories in the magazine "Magazine 9.5 for the 9.5 mm Film Enthusiast". Ted has always been a dynamic, fun and good friend has encouraged meetings with his smile and good humor.

In 1988, Calella hosted the "Meeting Europe '88" which was a hit for full attendance and participation. Josep Maria Forn and squatted Antonio Kirschner on behalf of the Government, which gave good support to the meetings. Moreover, the visit, various editions of persons representing the worlds of film and culture as Michael Porter, Peter Rock and Catalan, Antonio Gimenez, Tomas Mallol Josep Maria Queraltó ... Even in 2008 it came to visit us the President of the Club de France 9.5 during the European Meeting.

Within Festimatge ti continues year after year, these legendary encounters that possibly sooner or later will cause expansion and renovation in order to continue contributing anything interesting to contribute to the film section of the festival.

In 2013 we celebrated the 40th anniversary of these events ... Congratulations. For this reason, Foto Film Calella intend to make a short tour documentary for all these years, where the path to be reflected in this format, as nostalgic as essential in the history of cinema, and also within the activities of our organization. (Text: JMCM - Foto-Film Calella)

UNICA Gold Medal for Santiago Marrè

The award recognizes his work for broadcast, for over forty years, from 9.5 mm format, the first amateur film format.

Santiago Marrè, one of the historical members of the local association Foto-Film Calella was awarded with the Gold Medal of UNICA, recognising hs dedication to the spreading of the 9.5mm film format.

The delivery of this medal was made yesterday at 19.30 h in a formal ceremony in the hall of the Centre Rookie of Catalunya (CEC), the deputy mayor Xavier Santiago accompanied Pedemonte Marre to pick this deserved recognition. Calella City Council would like to congratulate and thank your work over the years

The UNICA is an independent international assciation, a member of the General Council of UNESCO, which are grouped in federations or national representatives of amateur film clubs existing in each of the member countries in order to promote the film and video as a tool for international communication without commercial interests, provide support for cultural cooperation between nations, representing federations affiliated to UNESCO and defend their independence and freedom of expression.

The UNICA gives annually a medal to each federation of the world body, in the case of Spain, the Catalonia Hiking Centre (CEC) - to decide which person or entitywill finally gt this award. (Fuente: Calella.cat)